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Knowledge Base Article ID: EUS: How to use the Enterprise Update Server Offline Updater Tool

EUS: How to use the Enterprise Update Server Offline Updater Tool
Last Updated: 12/29/2010


This guide will walk through the steps that need to be performed in order to use the offline updater tool. This is a downloadable tool from the Enterprise Update Server (EUS v2.1.2 and higher) that can request from eEye to download product updates for and Offline or Air Gapped EUS server. This further allows an EUS server without internet access to serve updates to other eEye products in the same non-internet networking environment.

Enterprise Update Server 2.1.2
Internet Explorer 6 and higher
Administrator Login for EUS
A Device where you can download the offline updater tool from EUS and import downloaded .bin files.
A Device where you can use the offline updater tool to connect to to pull download files.

1. Use a device that can access your EUS.
2. Open a Browser and head to the EUS webpage and log in as Administrator (or similar permission).
3. Upon login you'll be on the "Product Information" tab.
4. Click the "Download Offline Tool" button.
5. Once the Offline Updater has been downloaded, copy it to a machine that can reach eEye Update Servers (ie
6. On the second machine (with internet access), run the tool.
7. Once the tool launches, click the Configuration button.
8. Ensure the EUS serial number is entered and that the Parent Server points to
9. Ensure any other applicable fields are completed and Click OK.
10. Back on the main screen, the following fields will display based on the Offline Tool's communication with eEye's servers.


Target Version:

Radio button - Download updates to apply to two previous versions.
(Best Option)

Radio button - Download Updates to apply to this version. (input old version)

Save Update Package Here: (bin file download location)

11. On the above items please select the product you wish to download for upgrading.
12. Once the product is select, select the Target Version to upgrade to.
13. Select either radio button. Download previous 2 versions is recommended. The bin file downloaded will allow the previous 2 versions of the selected product to be upgraded to the target version. If an older version than the previous 2 versions is required, use the second radio button and enter the previous old version.

Note: eEye recommends running a full installer from the customer portal for any version older than 6 months old.

13. Click the Download Button. Once the download completes copy the saved .bin file to the device where you can access the non-internet based EUS.
14. Log back into the EUS server.
11. Upon login you'll be back on the main "Product Information" tab
12. Click "Import Package" button to import the file saved.
13. Locate the .bin file downloaded via the "Browse..." button.
14. Click "Import Package"
15. Once this process has finished you have then successfully updated your EUS packages offline.

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